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Monday, 24 July 2017

Industrial IT called 'Network Fundamentals for Instrumentation and Control Industry'

Industrial IT called 'Network Fundamentals for Instrumentation and Control Industry' has been developed and delivered by TAFE Queensland SkillsTech.
Emerson Delta V at TAFE Queensland SkillsTech - Acacia Ridge campus
Every industry and process is becoming more automated. With CSG proponent, SANTOS using the Emerson Delta V, Origin Energy using the Yokogawa Centum VP system, QGC have gone with ABB 800A, with Arrow Energy adopting the Honeywell Distributed Control Systems (DCS). The Industrial IT program objective is to provide a basic understanding of network fundamentals and provide practical skills in configuration, installation and fault finding of an IP based network system including switches, hubs and routers, says TAFE Queensland SkillsTech.

This will include LAN and WAN cables and wireless connectivity. In addition virtual LAN (VLAN), NAT and firewall security will be implemented. Topics covered in the program include configuring LANs and WANs; hubs; switches; routers; network types; network media; routing and switching fundamentals; the TCP/IP and OSI models; IP addressing; extending switched networks with VLANs; determining IP routes; public versus private addressing; NAT and DHCP; managing IP traffic with access lists; implementing network security; establishing point-to-point connections; wireless technologies; and troubleshooting.

The course will also describe how a network works and how to implement an IP addressing scheme and IP services to meet network requirements in a medium-size enterprise branch office network.  Participants learn how to configure, verify and troubleshoot a switch with VLANs and interswitch communications; and to identify security threats to a network and describe general methods to mitigate those threats.
Garry Hargreaves


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