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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Remote Mentoring - Realwear

Regardless if it’s a blow-moulder, a haul truck or a TEG (TriEthylene Glycol) unit that is malfunctioning, ‘machine down-time’ equates to lost productivity and in many cases loss of substantial organisational income. Traditionally, the field service technicians are our first response to resolve these issues and get the production/supply lines operational again.  Experienced field tech's are worth their weight in gold, however they are rarely in close proximity to equipment failure – leading to lost time in travel and getting up to speed with product/equipment specifications. In many cases I have spoken to production managers who have said …”and then we had to get a guy out from Germany”…. Well ‘Remote Mentoring’ can solve that.

The Realwear HMT-1 (Head Mounted Android Tablet) offers, among other attributes, instant support from the SME’s (subject matter expert) to the fault locations in real-time. Virtual mentoring of technical responses directly to your 'root cause' setting – no travel, hands free, in high fidelity audio/video monitoring and recording (for review & training purposes) within a noise-cancelled environment – it delivers on many organisations customer support promises.
Last week the TAFE Queensland SkillsTech team led demonstrations of the new "Remote Mentoring" features of the ruggedised Realwear HMT-1  device to various tier 1 clients in CSG, Food Manufacturing and Aviation sectors.

In this case, ‘Remote Mentoring’ is the technical support offered from an experienced individual (typically a Baby-Boomer mentor) usually in a different geographically location, to an individual (Millennial mentee/protégé) who needs additional assistance to execute a field based tasks.  With the Realwear HMT-1 the mentor can view, listen, instruct and communicate in real-time. Assist in identifying what the problem is and guide the field tradesperson through the solution.   The ESI (Electrical Supply Industry) clients commented that with "Boomers in the workplace retiring and millennials not remembering a time when they didn’t have a device in their hands”  assisted learning with ‘wearables’ like this, is where we need to be".
The HMT1 is a safe, easy to use, hands free device and in mid-2018 will be C1/D1 and ATEX Zone 1 Intrinsically Safe for Oil, Gas & Chemical Industries and is already IP66 compliant.  Its price point is around the cost to bring a interstate field service technician to site.  To see the Realwear in action with Manitoba Hydro using Augmented Reality -
TAFE Queensland - Executive Director, Rod McShannon testing the Realwear HMT1.


RTO No. 0275 | CRICOS No. 03020E